How Covid-19 risk to diabetes patient?

People who are suffering from diabetes and heart related disease has more chances of getting effected with coronavirus, which spreads easily in atmosphere. According to the recent researches, 7.8 million peoples have some cardiac and circulatory disease, along with this 4.95 million is with diabetes. Coronavirus mainly effects lungs. The virus replicate its self-more in diabetic patient compared to healthy people, the diabetic patient exhibit a prolonged inflammatory response in the lungs. Diabetic patients should double their efforts to manage body and glucose levels to avoid damage of respiratory infection
Diabetic’s patients, with either Type 1 or Type 2 has more risk of Covid-19 because of  more complications of heart, kidneys and also lungs, this may leads secondary problems like infection, failure of organs, etc. whenever lungs get infected a pneumonia blocks airspace's, and fills with fluid caused by inflammation. Covid-19 has some symptoms to identify, such as severe cough, high temperature, feeling low breath. If it happens test the blood sample. This is mainly effects to the people who have low immunity and elder people. It is harder to treat due to fluctuation in blood glucose levels, heartbeat. There are two ways to resist this virus. Firstly, increase the immune system to fight against the virus. Secondly try to expose yourself to sun to kill the virus. Covid-19 spreads through air while effected person speaks, sneezes, touch, cough, or close contact with them, may effects from person to person in environment. Hence to avoid this keep you and your surroundings cleanly, hygiene and social distance with others.


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